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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


If you're thinking about a BPO solution, chances are you have one or more of the following needs:

  • You want to improve performance while increasing profitability.
  • You're looking to transform the way your business works.
  • You want to achieve rapid, sustainable improvements in enterprise-level performance.
  • You're seeking to drive costs down while increasing scale and efficiencies.

Our BPO services will help you focus on your distinctive capabilities, giving you access to best-in-class skills to:

  • Reduce your operating costs.
  • And improve your business results.

The BPO arm of Cipher came about as a pro-active endeavor to channelize our experience to enhance client performance above and beyond labor cost arbitrage. Merging IT and BPO gives us the ability to 'leapfrog' the competition to deliver maximum value to our clients. For Cipher, the challenge was to match our focus on quality and to be able to deliver a consistent client experience and live up to our name. Since its inception, we, at Cipher have made efforts to live up our name. Our combined efforts have at their core an unrelenting focus on quality and service delivery beyond expectations.

We are a full-service Outsourcing company, with proven capabilities to deliver measurable value beyond cost. We operate out of our global delivery center, located in New Delhi and connect with global customers seamlessly through the state-of-the-art telecommunications network. Among the industries we serve – are Media & Communication, Insurance & Healthcare and Banking & Finance. Among the services we offer – are Back-Office Processes in the areas of Accounting, HR and other transaction-intensive activities. We also offer front office services like Contact Centers for Customer Service, Product Support and Helpdesk services. Additionally, we offer Claims Processing.

Cipher also offers high-end knowledge work through our KPO and BPO Services. We offer a range of services including HIPAA compliant Healthcare services, Contact Center, Data Processing, Technical Support and HR / Payroll Services. These services will be provided from our offices in India as well as through our strategic partners in various countries, in order to harness a richly talented resource pool while extending significant savings to customers. We provide you both voice and non-voice offerings across verticals and horizontals.

Why should you choose us for your BPO needs?

  • We focus on delivering business value by lowering costs, augmenting staff or providing high-end work.
  • We offer end-to-end service from the right professionals with the right skills for each task. They work as a team using proven methods.
  • Our industry acumen, working capabilities, alliances, global resources and technology allow us to deliver competitively priced, high-quality services. The result: tangible improvements in business performance.

Outsourcing is becoming an integral part of a strategy to achieve high performance. Bundled outsourcing takes it to the next level.

Bundled outsourcing is an innovative approach to outsourcing that consolidates multiple business functions with a single service provider. It can provide more significant and immediate cost savings and greater speed to value. Over the long term, it allows an organization to continuously drive down costs, improve performance and gain global competitive advantages.

We partner with companies to transform their customer contact operations into high-performance systems. We help lower operating costs and capital expenditure, while enhancing customer loyalty by improving customer experience.

CIPHER BPO Advantage:

Domain and Process Expertise:Years of association with leading mid market companies across domains gives Cipher a thorough understanding of the functioning of businesses. This knowledge allows us to improve and reengineer our processes as we migrate them.

Commitment to Quality: Cipher brings the best of its IT Quality Excellence to BPO translating into commitment to SLA's, greater predictability of results and increased levels of productivity.

People Focus: Our progressive HR practices help us attract, excite and retain the best talent. This is why Cipher BPO has an attrition rate of just 17% per annum. This ensures a stable manpower resource for our client's projects.

InterDyn Commitment: We are backed by InterDyn with a business culture characterized by excellence, integrity and a pioneering spirit. This lends financial stability and professional credibility to all our BPO relationships.


Delivering with Confidence: Our capabilities are what make us confident in delivering to you the highest quality with managed risks at competitive prices. This competence runs through infrastructure, people, operations and transition capabilities.

Infrastructure: Cipher currently offers BPO services from a delivery center in Delhi (India). This center is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, using the best vendor products and serviced by top-notch professionals, which gives us the confidence to deliver scale and resilience.

People: Our center is currently staffed with associates providing a range of services, both voice and non-voice. With a strong focus on domain and process understanding, this gives us the confidence to not only meet your SLAs, but to exceed them.

Operations and Transition: Cipher follows a defined methodology, driven by a detailed migration toolkit and full project management rigor. We have a highly experienced transition team with strong industry expertise. This gives us the confidence to migrate your processes on time and reengineer them during transition.


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